The Vagus Nerve and Cortisol in Grief: 3 Simple Tips

If you have experienced loss and grief then I don’t need to tell you that grief is a complex and multifaceted process that affects us in many ways: cognitively, emotionally, physically, behaviorally and spiritually. One of the ways grief affects our body is through the release of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.


Navigating Healing Practices: A Guide for Grievers on Avoiding Retraumatization

Grief is a tender and heavy experience that often leaves us feeling fragile and vulnerable. As we navigate through the overwhelming emotions and physical symptoms of loss, it can be tempting to seek solace in mindfulness practices such as breathing exercises, meditation, and somatic practices. While these practices can be incredibly healing, it is important to approach them with care and caution, especially for those who have experienced trauma.



I’m all into the mind-body-soul connection. I feel that separating them at all is the scientific western way, where everything is seen as separate and isolated. But we know it doesn’t really work that way, in truth everything about us is connected AND we are connected, also, to everything in the world around us.